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Nutrition Education Roll Out

Cognitive Collaboration Tour with Conscious Kakes and Neurosize.

Neurosize is excited to introduce you to our valued Holistic Nutrition Campaign. Whether you are 88 months or 88 years, Septuagenarian, Octogenarian, Nonagenarian or reaching for Centenarianism you will find value in this program. 

No doubt about it, Folks! This is a moment of Divine Destiny. Over the course of the up and coming years, we are pleased to offer you knowledge, understanding and wisdom at in-person or virtual events.

As you probably have already heard... WE are ALL Students.  WE are ALL Teachers. 

Prepare yourself, your friends and family to ignite new ways of thinking. 

We fertilize minds, energize hearts and explicate consciousness.

Looking forward to participating in LIFE with you.

 Ubuntu & Namaste

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